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AuTerra Couples- Catharina and Erns

AuTerra Couples- Catharina and Erns

Catharina reached out just after the new year with my favourite sort of email. It said that she and her boyfriend Erns really aren’t into jewellery but that our pieces had caught her eye. I count that as the ultimate compliment. If our designs resonate with non jewellery lovers as well, then we must be doing something right? It was an absolute treat to make their wedding bands!

Without any preconceived ideas at the beginning of the process her email said “possibly with a diamond (I think) from my grandmother (I think).” In the end they both  decided to go with classic yellow gold Domed Bands. Catharina opted to add some diamonds we removed from an heirloom brooch of her grandmother’s, such a special addition.  Being heirloom stones they were all slightly different sizes which added such character and an organic feel to her ring.

Recycled gold wedding band with 3 heirloom ethical diamonds

Catharina and Erns got married in an intimate ceremony, just the two of them, a couple of dear friends and the wedding officer. Even in these challenging times love certainly does seem to be finding a way to prevail.

Auterra Couples, the intimate wedding ceremony of Catharina and Erns with ethical, eco-friendly wedding rings Auterra Couples, an intimate wedding ceremony with sustainable, eco-friendly recycled gold wedding bands

Congratulations once again Catharina and Erns! We couldn't be happier for you both and feel very blessed to have been able to play even a small part in your special day.

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