An ethical, ecofriendly jewellery shoot on a disused minedump in South Africa which clearly shows the devastation that mining has on the environment
A woman laughs whilst wearing ethical, ecofriendly jewelleryGrassveld pendant and Orb Bangle handcrafted in recycled silver from e-waste. Easy wearing, minimalist jewellery choices
Simple stacking rings made from recycled silverMinimalist bangle and necklaces handmade in recycled silver and gold
Man-made Desert, mining has a devastating affect on the environment and wildlife, choose recycled metals whenever possible
Endless Wastelands, the impact of mining on the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
Leaf Earrings, minimalist nature inspired recycled silver earringsStacking Rings, handmade ecofriendly, sustainable jewellery
A Simple Wardrobe for life's adventures, minimalist ecofriendly jewelleryRecycled silver handcrafted necklace for sustainable style
The New Frontier, making sustainable jewellery the new ethical fashion basic

Photographer: Thea Cogill

Model: Pelonomi Moiloa

Stylist: Ashley Heather