The Art of Slowliving, an ethical jewellery lookbook photographed in Cape Town, South Africa
Quiet moments, woman reading a book whilst wearing simple, minimalist recycled silver jewelery Moments of solitude, woman wearing stacked sustainable rings handmade in silver and gold recycled from e-waste
Texture of fynbos and a simple, bold recycled silver BangleDouble Finger Ring
Woman wearing handmade, ecofriendly jewellery and a linen dressA nature inspired botanical necklace handmade in recycled silver
Dome earrings and Dancers Bangle handmade in ethical, recycled silverA handful of ecofriendly recycled silver and gold rings
A moment of selcare, a woman reads a book wearing ethical jewellery and sustainable linen clothingRecycled silver brooches handmade using ecofriendly silver recycled from e-waste
Cosy Moments, a cup of tea whilst wearing a stack of ethical, ecofriendly recycled silver and gold rings

Photographer: Hanlie Joubert               Model: Erin Backsy               Stylist: Ashley Heather