Seeds are a powerful symbol; new beginnings, hope and abundance. The ideal design inspiration for our new eco-friendly. nature inspired, recycled silver and gold jewelry collection
Model wearing recycled silver nature inspired seed necklace Woman holding fynbos bouquet and silver and gold ethical, minimalist rings. Inspired by nature, made with eco-friendly material to protect wild spaces
Unspoilt natural grassland and seascape in Cape Town, South Africa Model in grassland with eco-friendly recycled silver and gold jewellery
Woman in white linen dress wearing dainty recycled gold ring Woman in slow fashion dress in nature with sustainable, ecofriendly jewelry
Necklace made from silver and gold recycled from e-waste. A nature-inspired, minimalist jewellery piece for everyday wear
Ethical, recycled silver and gold rings worn with natural linen slowfashion dress and shawl
Natural textures of wild grasses in Cape Town, South Africa
The warm glow of golden hour on natural, wild grasses in Cape Town, South Africa
Model wearing recycled silver eco-friendly pod earrings and sustainable gold ring
Woman holding a bunch of fynbos and wearing nature-inspired minimalist gold and silver jewelry handmade in metals recycled from e-waste Quiet moments in nature, woman wearing slow fashion linen dress and sustainable rings, necklace and earrings
Pendant handcrafted in Cape Town using recycled silver and gold from e-waste
Women sitting in grassland wearing sustainable and  eco-friendly clothing and accessories Woman wearing rings and pendant necklace handmade in ethical recycled gold and silver

Photographer: Lydia Harper

Model: Eileen Voigt

Clothing: Graydawn

Stylist: Ashley Heather