Woman looking out to sea wearing recycled silver jewelry. Rings and bangles handmade in silver recycled from e-waste The voice of the sea speaks to the soul
Woman wrapped in handmade fabric wearing simple, minimalist eco-friendly accessories
Woman at beach wearing ethical recycled gold necklace chain and minimalist gold ring Silver and gold eco-friendly, sustainable jewellery handmade from recycled e-waste
Easy-wearing everyday gold twist ring made in eco-friendly recycled gold
Recycled gold bird earrings on woman at beach in Cape Town, South Africa Woman wearing white linen shirt in the ocean with recycled, eco-friendly handmade silver jewelry
Waves splashing up around woman in white linen shirt wearing sustainable, handmade jewellery
Calm ocean and woman wearing recycled silver bangle and fairtrade eco-friendly recycled gold ring Woman's hand playing with beach sand in Cape Town, South Africa whilst wearing recycled silver and gold handmade jewelry
Woman in nature wearing slowfashion swimwear and eco-friendly minimalist jewellery

Photographer: Lydia Harper

Model: Lulutho Mntonintshi

Swimwear: Akina

Stylist: Ashley Heather